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I started playing first time in October and my friend bought me the Reaper Pickaxe and i was sad when it come back in the daily. I remember coming back from school and all I wanted to do is play fortnite but now I play like 2 a week. Prostate Exams I just really dont understand Be quite bet you were one of the toxic kids that ruined it Ground gamin guess ur one of those kids that get mad at people opinions and cant take criticism. Ill have you know that my parents are Irish but I was born in Germany.

That was almost 3 years ago. Dang its still in my spotify until now I still remember every single lyric 3 years later Why do I remember the full song word by word ๐ 2 Years after i last listened to it still remember the words of by heart only OGs remember this Plot twist: 3 years later, I dont like it๐ Wow fortress was so good before I can see that now its just dead I miss the old seasons of fortnite because the player base was not a bunch of sweetie 6 year olds Dont mind me im just watching this again I miss it but, or 18, we used to walk on water like we were walking on eggs.

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