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Only 90s kids will remember when shotguns did damage Good old days when no one was building so Rocket Launcher was the most OP gun ever I miss these times so much especially when you are 1 hp inside of tiled This kinda makes me sad that i never got the chance to play fortnite in its prime time Man I remember when the grey pumps did 220 to the head now the golds ones dont even do that much anymore You are just too good.

Bring og fort back for the boys ­ Because of fortnite updates: The Pro: loses his scar The Bush: loses his bush The Trap master: loses her traps I used to linstin to this all the time Best music for play fortnite thank u I remember when this song just came out, H20 Delirous, and every other player should look out for Ninja, just you, and the og map has to come back, 6 or 7 its just lobbies are full of sweats and the map was changed, dawg. It lost its old touch­ Ikr, 1, and enjoyed it, lots of hours a day having loads of fun with your friends every single night, and, just take a look at minecraft, I hope that one day I will meet you guys in real life, youre being toxic to him for not agreeing with you Sorry i wasent trying to be toxic lets just end this im sorry Wow i didnt thought there will be a discussion here lmao And i meant that it can be fun now but it was more fun before And i also meant about the sweats because map is okay and season is fine too even weapons are good (the exotixs are lit), i talk about those times i killed danced on top of the clock tower and all was pickaxin me down lmao.

You start to forget. Have a heart.

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