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Dude if fortnite is your nostalgia you need to get yourself a new childhood Big Chungus you just stole the comment but thats alright Oh I wasnt aware that someone had already commented this Vlogs And games its been trash since season 6 The fortnite community ruined the game U cant get into a game without getting into a fight and having the other guy build forever just for that guy to get so close to dying and then he kills u.

it would be a epic gunfight John Randall Im not trying to seriously declare him as a definitive GOAT in Halo or Fortnite but Id say he is definitely arguably (Talent wise) just as good as anyone out there in anything he has ever picked up.

Prob started in season 7. I was hooked for a good year or so. Elliot JT12 Jesus Christ man. Sergio Garcia aim assist on console sucks. WCC Vibez rip every thing exept pleasant park and salty My main place.

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