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:) I was in year 5 singing this with all my friends at school. And they were no match for fortnite. I cant describe the feeling. Honestly I am ok with him being family friendly but I just want the old fortnite back who used to make us laugh and entertain but now he barely even talks in his streams Toast no it isnt there isnt fun and only sweats its not good and the pump has bad damage there isnt fun Da Boss You can see last matches in Fortnite or Fortnitetracker Da Boss Your Grandpa and grandma are not US american.

Fortnite is hated by nearly everyone Oh how a game can ruin itself­ Objetivo:encontrar un comentario de hace 2 a├os Obst├culo:38k comentarios Whos watching in it brings back so many memories In reccomended i miss those fn seasons Kinda ironic an og turned into a fort kid I love how his nostalgia is less about the game but more nostalgic when he actually had friends that liked him The community contributed heavily to Fortnites drop in popularity.

Yup then we will all be ass I really cannot wait itll be like season 1 again I mean im not like crazy good im kinda good but I could try whats ur epic All the sweats are little kids who made it competitive as fuck, but it really changed the community since everyone thinks they are pros and basically just kill the game.

I should change it one day.

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