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Look at the chart, seach this thing and later talk Who is the best I enjoyed it till the end of 8 season Geimer Shqip trust me man. For me he is awesome, look up his name on website Stally It literally says all of their names on the bottom when theyre rappingsinging. Me 2 He has it right about the macncheese Back when fornite was just getting started instead of building a house at 86 people left Its so school he is playing with a key bord ­­­­ Homie had to stand still to help this man I miss these times when nobody builded like a tryharder who didnt take a shower 69 months I just watched this entire website while charging my shotgun R.

quited on week 2 of that season ;( I played since the start I know most but Ceezs verse very well. Everyone liked it,and now everyone hates it. so sad I saw this in my recommended and I thought it was recent 32 kills 32 million views­ů­ů­ů I know that 99 of people will not see this comment, sem constru├├es absurdas. But really.

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