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God Bless You my friend Gamermax what did he do that was wrong calm down That kid gamermax deleted his comment now I rlly wanna know what it is someone tell me Emma Strawberry wait gamranks was here what did they comment pls someone tell Dustii Santiago what did gamer max say I think he deleted him comment If you really want to know i will post a website about it tomorrow because Internet bullying is no ok.

Keep on doing so until u find a chance Time to leave this game, its an incredible game. KiWi x Dylan as soon as people started going sweaty in season 5 i quit. : i started season 3 IM BEst : i started season 4 lol im more OG THE FROZEN GAMER not funny please stop RaVe X Akimbo u know what ur just one of these people that like to waste other peoples time so im not gonna reply anymore RaVe X Akimbo wats going on am I missing something THE FROZEN GAMER wats that suppose to mean like seriously Im not tranna hate RaVe X Akimbo Im not tranna fight but actually wanna know wat he meant Man like Fadz ik you Ive played a game with I before : Wow this guy can build : CONTROLLER PLAYA RaVe X Akimbo damn bro you got the whole squad laughing Like using cheats pls dont reply back FrostyGaming - Clash of Clans Base Designs if he played console and he ended up killing me, water, loved this game, he loses the other Has getting an average of 60k per stream.

Use your brain Nicholas Lakatosh he spends half of that money on adderall every month Nicholas Lakatosh PewDiePie makes wayyy more then that. And a lot of times when my team says that the enemies are sweats, I know exactly what you mean, I need to mention an important point that the option of crouch is only available in battle royal mode of the game, i just wish fortnite would go back to this man, season 2.

Zachary Bastien u know season 10 is the best season Sorry but 10year olds are in all the games at all the times I didnt like old fortnite 1 there was practically nothing 2 there were hackers 3 there were glitches Never got a chance at that type of gameplay I just liked your comment cause sounds like a nice time in fortnite lol True maan im started playing Leuge Of legends istead of Fornite around Season 7 because epic just ruin the game The part of sweaty people their just better than you Every one is 10 once in their life bud I miss when the game didnt even come out with a battle royale The battle passes are always good.

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