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220 pump with a COMMON pump i miss the old days 2:34 He gets 32 kills I get 32 damage ::(( Remember breaking cars and hearing that OG sound to get metal Fortnite should have just stayed like this and it would have been better off fortnite eres el puto amo de fortnite!. I wish it would be unvaulted. Seeing this on my recommended made me so happy Back in to old days when the grey pumps did 220 damage headshot I miss the old fortnite i still watching this in again and again the old fortnite was unforgettable we want old fortnite back The good old days where their werent any tryhards miss the good old days Only 90s kids will remember when fortnite used to swear Dont be sad because its over, fortnite currently removed the thing that brought the unfair skill gap (building) and now everyone is even.

Came back for three year anniversary, I play Fortnite because I think its fun everyone in my class thinks they are so cool because they think Fortnite is trash I just enjoy playing it Reedzy i randomly started singing this rn and came back to see if i was right Ikr its just a bunch of toxic 7-13 year old now ;( it was such a good game H20 deliours is the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

fortnite: dancing on knocked player Also fortnite: hes dancing on me oh hes STREAM SNIPING The longer i listen to this song the more i understand hitlers perspective on the world.

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