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Kushinmysw1sher definitivamente eres Mxicano JAJAJ KidShifty never saw that comment before TheDragonKiller 909 its cause its from a stream Fortnite is the best game in the word You are not so good but you are so Lucky with your shots When a console player has 36. Yeah but you, if you have a epic or legendary its better than a scar Well u cant expect the game to be the same all the time players will find new ways to be better DruzaxFN exactly.

Thx You said do you know who mia khalifa even is. It was so much more fun. Makes sense Fynley Sage Im a season 1 player not a bot I Try Vertexx thats not mutch for a season 1 player I Try Vertexx thats pretty low man need some carrying I got 250 I Try Vertexx Bruh Ive been playing since January 26th which is late Season 2 and I have 107 wins. Nibzy honestly i dont think kids would be playing bo4 cause you have to pay while you dont have to pay anything to play fortnite, then when those games died he moved on.

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