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Just spam building and wont give up. This comment sums up the fortnite fanbase Karka shotguns are gone smgs spray takes no skill Shotguns are gone lmao just do pump or heavy smg if u dont know how to use it it doesnt mean its gone Albi NJR are you TRIGGERED ten year old Karka they dont even have a use anymore if you try that youll just get sprayed and double shotgun is not as broken as smgs Lol you listened to mcreamys song didnt you Eion Spatz this is when the game was fun Yay my fravet song am a girl But I still play furnit am 7 Eion Spatz mccreamy fortnites kinda dying 7eueyeudueurjrjruruurururujdjruruejueejjeureiurruurururrurururururiruririruruududueuruejejrhfnhdjuuuueudhdjrjdjdrjjdjdjrjjrrjejejrujrjrjdrjrhhrhrhrureuruejeuruurueuurueruururueurururururururururuurueueururuururueurriureiurieiruriurieuirieriediudidieudidurieiriieirieiriririiriririirir8r8riririirireieiiiiririeiririeiriiririeririeir8iriei Eion Spatz Lmaoo u watch the fortnites kinda dying song huh ū Meet definitely I missed tilted most Im not the only one that types it that way Eion Spatz me just trynna see the of days I smell a ‚Fortnites kinda dying‚ reference.

Real Swift Brothers anything is a job if youre dedicated enough I understand completely of whats ur taking about, mais fortnite à 900h de jeu. I miss these times alot. Memories were really made on fortnite back then I remember when this first come out, all Ali has to do is play his intro and Nina dies of cringe I think fortnite would beat all of us, you can sell your Fortnite accounts to other people.

alltheogsthathavenogoodplacetodrop Who members when this was the thing and people werent sweats Is it me or is this just coming back in season 9 TrIggEr tRaSh kIdS Gamerpug04 u literally just chose the most popular 3 dk sucked fortnite is the whitest rapper ever lmao Jacek Adamski Morning is the time to fall asleep in my head and I wanna go to the school Fortnite get it all nite the bush was H20deliours I used to no it two years ago I miss those days I think halocene, from anybody they are playing with, or people who made a living off of the game, no it didnt and it wont Not in season 5.

which is the better mic the same one used in this website Fernando Serrano he is my fav websiter fortnite is playing there just rapping thats y fortnite is feterd These clips suck because most of the clips are from console so they are facing bots easy kills and nice clips in return but no skill needed „„„„„„„„„„„„ how u know its console You can see the controls like under the stairs it shows a circle or the keybinds for pc How do you know its console and there bots ¬†Tisha Florence¬†I have a comment on that already I Hit Clipz no!He is awesome and good at rapping:( hugs Delirious I Hit Clipz Thats your opinion but i loved it.

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