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better days That was a prime example of why fortnite WAS fun. Tbh, DAKOTAZ,CDNThe3rd. He straight killed it. It hurts that it wont happen again, mostly dusty divot or the best update ever aka the racetrack. This song so much better than a kid singing one shot I will show this to my kids in 15 years say this right here is every boys chidlhood in my generation Come i forgot about this i love fishys Franz Loyd Martin I love yungblood and happier And sorry for bad spelling Whahahahhahahahha ננננננ This must have taken all day to write lol Wick you just wasted all your time typing that mean while the lyrics are on the website Wick cdnthe3rd you trying to hard Boy When you dont notice that he copied and pasted it Man coming back and listening to this sheds a tear נ Nearly 6 years and i cant believe i listened to this classic fortnite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Kai Staunton Too bad it was never good.

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