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Remember when you could win with 15 kills in this game The old common shotgun removes the same as now the legendary ­ Man i remember the good old days of fortnite with double pump and everyone being bots.

Good days heh might have killed you if you play Xbox. No matter how trash fortnite becomes, it was a Alexa which means we could just yell Ô ALEXA PLAY FORTNITE RAP BATTLEÔ from the bannister and it would pick up This song is as bad as ur dnf gvb gb Bro i see you in every comment wtf ­ I Hit Clipz cdn was the best out of alllll of them TrendEnd _ come on delirious was fucking sick ­ Love the guy but his part was kinda disapointing 4 me.

Youre not in FaZe. Ali-A is a good player, Delerious did sound really good Who else is watching this two years later And in tears Bring back to the old days When the game was fun I AM NOT CRYING but unfortunately we bout are­­­­ I like delirious laugh its so funny for me Omg H20 killed those bars tho ­­ Delirious: Everybody be quiet.

2:36 a common pump does 220 damage. Great job I was expecting a 20 kill game from the title but he really dropped 7 Youre the reason I took a liking to this insane game Glad to see you having fun again My question is why sell hoodies for headphones on the outside but still wear them on the inside remember watching Fortnite in the early seasons of fortnite :( Fortnite you are literally the best.

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