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Insane? Btw does anyone realize how he only started with 83 people in his game. Im now in 3018 season 42 لل للللللل للللللث, maybe at 250 for everything just for the people who do try Idk. In Fortnite: Sava the World, i would do anything to experice this again Fricking gamer Member when fortnite was this good Its not that it was good, but you get the idea, idk so many ppl was starting the game Th--e one y--ou sh--ol--d n---ot ha--v--e ki--lled just because they have a default skin, WE CAN YEET PEOPLE Yeeeting is fun but the most fun part in fortnite is having fun and enjoying the game.

I have a few wins on Xbox (console) with around 12 kills where as on pc my highest is 9 That German guy wouldnt even get close on pc where the average player is better I play on both and ps4 is in no way harder.

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