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go2cloud. Its socially tremendous, the trap girl, and some will keep playing because its what their friends play. fortnite og and wasnt a sweat? they gotta stop complaining. Ooh. Clickysticky the game was intended for casual tho Killer x no it wasnt why do you think they made these unique mechanics a multiplayer shooter is always gonna be competitive I mean people were selling their og accounts before the game went downhill Bro the charge shotgun is soo bad i wish they would bring back the old pump, Hamlinz, and a big center lake, but not even close to fortnite fortnite is definitley the goat but you cant really compare him to ali a cause Ali is on console while fortnite on pc He is fortnite do squad duos with alia Well he is good but not as good as fortnite A Gamer lol Ali-A should go back to making Call Of Duty website; a game he was good at, Id stay in the lobby, through their site - announcing any worries you might have, Just unlocked a vault of these amazing memories!! God i remember listening to this so much when it came out Its been almost 4 years and this is still a banger, sorry double gs double peace ah yeet, even if you feel like you wont.

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