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To stay away from this you can turn on YouTubes confined mode to obstruct improper substance. Only 90s kids remember when people couldnt build Happy 1st birthday Fortnite Rap Battle - 1. I was waiting for fortnite to say: Disco discooooo. Of course I was using hacks, you can always return the item and ask for a refund. The nostalgia is real I remember watching this when it was released back in season 3 That song came out when this game was fun. Back in the day when fortnite still had real hair What i would do for 1 day with the og squad in these times The old map returns again fortnite becomes the best player again I come back to this website ever year and just get sadder and sadder from what the game was like, sometimes that happens but try to skybase during floor is lava disarmed if you reach max height they cant get to you If it was old fortnite I would still play My man soundin like fresh prince, now its full of tryhard 10 year olds ;c Lol calm down.

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