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People who still play pubs are worse than anyone who ever played back then Oulcan Grleyen u spelled okay wrong Oulcan Grleyen Facts, storm was slower people stayed alive more. its a world we live in Pummittaja06 better than fortnite Not a fan but I like the Trigger trash kids part Pummittaja06 I no dude cdnthe3rd you Da best Pummittaja06 Iha kivasti sulla likei Brahim Dano no H20Delirious was the best. Im glad they brought back tilted. The good old days.

Ugh kids that play fortnite is the worst, the thing is when you slide down a mountain you almost died but nowadays you take no damage but it was still so fun I can die happy knowing that i am better than season 3 fortnite Man cant believe its been 2 years since и , I miss old fn too but back then pumps used to sometimes hit for 9 or 7 Literally 99 of people wont see this comment but if you do stay safe and have a great day, it will let you do a faster run (it runs out though).

Is that the only time where H20 delirious real voice came in Comes back after 3years (almost 4):still know all the lyrics Its surreal going back through your epic friends list When Fortnite was actually a good game FIRE You know its bad cause its been so long and thats when the game was in the prime This Brong tears to my eyes old Fortnite I remember being inFloss is OG but Ride the Pony everyone has its the riding a unicorn thing one now.

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