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website recommended me after i stop playing for 2 month. fortnite,cnd3rd,h20,angel melly,and the trap girl Hey you shouldve added myth and muselk that would be perfect still great job. You are haphazardly doled out a symbol each time you play the game, if I could I would but a time machine to go back and play agaim Life was so much more simple and great then.

And you arent even a korean. Mengeche nope u obviously dont watch tsm myth No the best player of fortnite is ESL XSOO and Robi62. :P Who says fortnite is The King of Fortnite likeğ I think what ruined the game was mainly epic bringing in too many not needed updates and listening too much to the community. FORNTNITE IS TRASH NOW GET A GRIP Hes still king of dusty ( dustydiner and dustydivot ) He didnt say divot he said âdustyâ No myth, but im being truthful.

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