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Every one thank you for correcting that person but at-least say it in a nice way, i cant describe that feeling when u pick up the legendary scare How after 3 years i can literally remmeber every line of this song like wow I remember these sweet times.

Back then the game was fine so that was no need to change it Well back then they made things nobody asked for Honestly its not there fault the problem is people got too good at the game and playing sweats every match is not fun if they wanted people to come back they should make a mode with slowed down building speeds and that would bring some people back but the game was released at a perfect time and will go down as one of the best multiplayer games ever in its prime the game was so addicting and the memories i had makes me wish i could go back to play it again FlureFlxme your also the problem your the kid that kills the people emoting while building a yeet sign Because you gotta get that victory royale so my fellow 3rd graders will be friends with me FlureFlxme but you ruin the fun for everyone cuz you act like if I dont get this win me and my whole family will die The whole point of the game is to have fun with your friends FlureFlxme you have a point but some people dont want to win they just want to mess around and have fun and this is why fortnite cant go back to how it was you just explained why it cant so what youre saying is true and that explains why fortnite cant go back to what it was so basically what you said is the reason why.

We will have to wait and see what happens in the next week sense there will be season 8 Frr, with week by week updates and difficulties? its becoming pubg PUBG IS TRASH, the game isnt the same anymore. Yeah DK all the way. Pump R. Rayan Masri you know that logan didnt start playing Fortnite because of the fortnite and drake thing he did it because dwarf mamba recommended it to him Rayan Masri thats only wrote because you think fortnite is hot xdd Rayan Masri why do you like someone who filmed a dead body and made jokes about suicide م ب ب Player like this makes me want to play fortnite WafflNChewyNannas Probably not but I would not be mad if he killed me WafflNChewyNannas everyone does every now and then.

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