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Robertg305 its a pretty alright game its not the best game but its pretty good I wonder if it was a hard transition going from the best halo player to the best fortnite playerū Im a time traveler from 15 years(seasons) in the future and during that time the whole map have changed you cant double pump anymore you shoot someone they build a whole barber shop we have golden pumps that does 203 max damage but the grey pumps here do 220 Who else remembers watching this when it first came out in the early morning and being like.

with. old fortnite from to mid October then the bad chapter 2 3:35 Back when fortnite was a stream sniper When its and u randomly remember all the lyrics 2:11 is what 50 of viewers came for Epic games did not destroy fortnite try hards did I really enjoyed it on the first 4 seasons I miss season 4 the other seasons were sht Theamazinggamer -_- not really the worse were Dakotaz and H20 fortnite sounds like he doesnt want anything to do with this Boi its only 2 years old wdym ‚as a kid‚ ItsSpectrum these songs.

Miguel Nieto I stopped playing in season 2 Miguel Nieto You are probably the most mature person in these comments IHoldPeeks. not even new fortnite can handle it that much.

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