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in about 5-6 months. When I do get a victory Royale, just fun. Sad to see those days gone :( I wish we could all go back to this time and all have the skill level of an average season 3 player This website takes me back to the good old days Saudades de quando ngm era bom ficava mt feliz s por fazer uma simples kill These were the old times I miss, I think fortnite still a fun game but not the same You probably dont have real problems if ur crying over fortnite You probably dont have free time if you have to type ur I wasnt crying its just emotional for me because at that time all of my friends were online and it was one of the best times ever if u played it Then why did you say you were crying Just seeing fortniteHyper brings back so much memories.

now its something i hate and want to get over with. :) (I tried to actually supply a counter point then just being like ur retarded looool) Most of the comments: I miss old fortnite I wish they can bring this back Back then when no one use to build Good old days When fortnite got me the chills if you know what i mean I love u fortnite keep up the good work When fortnite was a fun game i miss this fortnite and this community 2:35 - 2:36 that 220 headshot with a GREY pump Now u need a gold pump to 220 But mine hits for 30 Everyone coming back to watch the best website on website I need old fortnite playing old fortnite website uploaded now :o I wanna get 32 kills like papa fortnite.

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