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yesetc) Ogs should remember that chest location 3:25 And my record is a 5 kill 7th place, they dont turn into a building in a snap. Fortnite looks so happy and cheerful in this website I missed this Fortnite for so long welcome back king that was insane Fortnite, we were just having fun?

this game has changed so damn much Was thinking the same thing. Imagine telling ur not a tryhard ! I miss these days Me and my friends was singing this today in science Did anyone have that kid in school that sang this song during a talent show fortnite verse was fire dawg!!!!!!. Season 4-8 pulling all- nighters hell yeah those were the times What do you mean season 5 and up wasnt og He didnt say it was OG he said it was fun then Its funny how ur acting like it was 37 years ago or something Just realized that, so I guess the water receding from the map and everything that happened at the end of last season doesnt mean anything.

Now u hit a head shot with a purple pump for 20 Good times These times were so much simpler didnt have to worry about try hards and also didnt have to worry about big things these times hit different on fortnite Ahhh yes, goot greatest of old times) fortnite not knowing what editing is at 14:08 LOL Full grey pump headshot does as much as todays gold pump full headshot.

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