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So nah he doesnt have bars What are you talking about he had one of the Shittist bars you could get I started very late season 2 so I agree a lot with season 3 since it was my main season B Batt same but noone belives me because i started on another account, the game is pure shit, but im being truthful, or 10 nevermind, and has a Naruto profile picture. Fortnite is hated by nearly everyone Oh how a game can ruin itself­ Objetivo:encontrar un comentario de hace 2 a├os Obst├culo:38k comentarios Whos watching in it brings back so many memories In reccomended i miss those fn seasons Kinda ironic an og turned into a fort kid I love how his nostalgia is less about the game but more nostalgic when he actually had friends that liked him The community contributed heavily to Fortnites drop in popularity.

Other games have sweats too. Edit: Forgot Dakotaz, i remember getting 20 kill solo squads with double pump and 98 damage scar headshots. 33 times 3 is 99, and vc? I just wish I could relive it all. oh no hes has beginners luck!!!.

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