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Some people love fortnite some people have INVESTING HUSTLER - Stocks and money making website Sayed you know not everyone wants to sit in a office building everyday I miss the good old days when people didnt build a skyscraper and edit course you. Like I said ive got the black night, there are 15 different ones all completely different.

So put that negative thoughts out of your mind :) I mean its not trash but sorry and idk you so yeah It was still trash in the beginning it was annoying as hell I think Fortnite just got 100x better ever since chapter 2 came out Lmao ur calling him 5 so ur probs 11 cuz u still play fortgay Hello people. (sometimes but so rare i play with friends on computer) We could still have this enjoyment without ppl like you Idk man I miss Kylix highlights from chap2 season 2 Ill do anything to get these times back Basically back then fortnite was not a sweat fest and it was awesome to win a match and have fun and troll people but now its a SWEATFEST and everytime you wanna have fun a soccer skin or superhero skin comes outta nowhere and wrecks you, Brazil loves you too This should be a regular squad, have 41 solo wins.

DAKOTAZ 6. The cried about the spaz cuz they didnt want to get one shot so Epic responds by putting trash shotguns in the game.

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