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Sorry buddy im in chatper 2 season 3 Riffat Ishfaq keep it at 169 likes guys I mean i am winning like Every game and i suck at fortnite I quit in chapter 2. Ridho Alfaathir Nur its a meme. I STILL KNOW THE LYRICS Me when i got my first dub in season 2 I play this on groovy (discord) and I always start dying laughing ­ Spent the whole summer 1718 Learning this song.

Symbols can likewise move moves, now its dead ­ Its far from dead, i understand that there is lots of toxic people in the community but if people didnt try the game would be shit But not everyone was a sweat in season 5. The game was initially designed so anyone could win. The nostalgia Ô Edit: Didnt expect any likes except for like two lol. VIVA L ITALIA Por fon alguien en este canal que habla espa├ol :v Old grey pump damage : 220 Pump now : 120 lol Back when fortnite was actually fun and not repetitive I think what we all miss about Fortnite but dont really notice is the apocalyptic style and apocalypse style weapons that the game had were so unique and they just threw it away Imagine still playing the same game that got old Grey Pump (January ): (Lucky Headshot) 220 damage Gold Pump (November ): (Lucky Headshot) 220 damage 13:45, which somehow made it a lot easier to hit with plus the grey pump did 200.

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