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I havent played in a long time but I felt the urge to hear this song so now im here Jake G factttsssss broo I dnt play the game bc its trash now Are you my cousin cause my cousin is Jakob garland lol Yeah that is when it was really good but now its like meh Season 1-5 was the best when 6 came up fortnite started to get weird Same, si on compare au 32 kill quil à fait aujourdhui, for all of the ppl in the rap aswell and the world Its just a different game now lmao in all these clips you see no one doing try hard building it was just fun when all people knew how to build was a ramp and a wall but now i just get shit on jumping out of the fucking bus xD All the pros crying about everything and the developers trying so hard to satisfy them is a big part of what destroyed the game, I wouldve been wearing a default for my entire life CyBeR JoZh bro season 5 better graphics and they Added a lot of good citys Ben in Season 5 they Added a lot of good citys Hold up and be Quiet To Let The Enemies Seeing Me Hiding duct in Busesh Silencer Pistol Your On The Ground Crying Im Flying off an Launch pad landing in the trees Snipe From above peaking threw the Leaves Guess you Can look Around But You Never Find Me HAHA When Fortnite was actually addictive and fun Ive listened to this song a 100 times at least Im not joking Me: I attack with blue-eyes white dragon Halocene: I ACTIVATE TRAP HOLE WITH SPIKES, i talk about those times i killed danced on top of the clock tower and all was pickaxin me down lmao.

Seeing through the edits. I think that was not the point of the game. Minor Pear just got my personal record with 11 solo kills Well dont feel too bad, if you played then you would realise how bad fortnite has gotten. I started season 3 and my brothers started on season 2 CORXY 1003 stop begging for likes and no one cares if youre og Season 3 aint og most players started the Season 3 aint og bro 1 and 2 is you prob only played till season 3 I was on at the very end of season 3 Love your room now its the great my friend likes it You go to favorite your favorite place in fortnite You go to you go to your favorite place in fortnite Imran Eminov No its not lmao 2 and maybe 3 is og Ive been playing before there even was a season I started playing fortnite in season 9 ten days till it ended so season 9 I didnt get to enjoy I started like 2 weeks into season 4 God like did you need to say bot at that sentence Nah season 3 will never be OG fam only things that came in is OG I think 2 probs could be the go but Im fine with 3 no more I joined a few days after season 5 came out Season 5,6,7 was the best in my opinion HELL IM HERE.

Hell they could make it seem like its all a replay then make the metor miss as a plot twist or some shit The storyline is falling to bits this season is the worst ever and players and streamers are leaving everyday hashtag ripfortnite the change cannot wait till June they need to try and save this game now Exactly but the sweats never leave the game:( Fortnite Trolls i have seen no one team up in solos Some guy tried to team with me once.

CA W Im not saying people are at a equal skill level Im just saying its so easy on console, and either way 3gb of ram is in iPhones and iPads now, iPhone X has the fastest gaming performance still because of its CPU and GPU.

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