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But then again, the title would be 1 KILL SOLO WIN I miss the older and more simpler times IDK WHY FORTNITE BEFORE 2Y OR 3Y WAS RLLY FUN Back when you could spam rockets like that :( this was prime fortnite 48 million views on a gaming website is insane I miss the og fortnite days so much The original main menu music! Teathloac M. The the nostalgia just keeps flowing through my head whenever I see this Man the fact that Ill never play this kind of Fortnite again hurts:,( Lets be honest this is still a banger Still brings memories back if i hear this Wow looking back at this gives u goosebumps I cant belive this has been 4 years This still as good as when it came out I remember when everyone was freaking out when they saw that fortnite was in this.

But i still like it. He just doesnt live in the tsm house Pro Tamilan - Daily Fortnite website no there is no TSM-kondziu Dont let the enemy see me when im hiding Silencer on the pistol, u can have fun, the game started to get ruined in season 4, Floss is OG but Ride the Pony everyone has its the riding a unicorn thing one now. Thats even worse than the function default keys he missed so many shots on the first kill Back when, didnt laugh Riffat Ishfaq You didnt have to call me out like that.

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