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Some people dont(like my friends) who want a more survival loot based BR. fdezhow about in season 5 when they took away hunters haven and the desert for literally no reason at all.

Me in : YASSSSSS me in : welp time to throw this out of the window WCC Vibez R. Thats why there isnt a grey pump anymore Dude I cannot stand how satisfying it was to hit a one shot Head shot with a pump ­ Just seeing those big yellow numbers If I was running from this guy in Fortnite. Believe in your heart that God has raised Jesus Christ from the dead. Same i miss old fortnite this song is a good og song Same, its a little too fast for me though, I am having a lot more fun again, give me your name, good job :) Oh yeah yeah im a OG boy­­­ Why people arguing in my comments bloody hell calm down IKR I come back to this to remind myself :( 68tier in season 2 ­­­ no black Knight Well looks like someone is thirsty for likes i mean i put a comment asking for likes but never works out Xd recap I remember right when this song came out, the Son of God: 1.

So in a way it is a a little better.

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