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No way 2 is enough for me­­ fortnite Im happy when I get a single kill at all. Try again If you dont play it why did you even click on this vid Davut Selek because I like the song and there is nothing wrong with listening to a song based on a game that I dont play.

But of course all good things come to an end, just came back to have a look :( Dude me and my friends getting to hop on in a game no sweats having trouble jumping building running the good ol Days :( The poeple who put thumbs down a just jealous of how he made it I watched this website.

Rap me you cry though dont try­­­­ Didnt play Fortnite that long I started playing in Chapter 1 Season 5 Who is watching in chapter 3 and remembers this Cool thing was this updated on my birthday If you havent remembered every word than wyd bro I know all the word and I have not heard it for 2 years I should of played more fortnite then red dead ONE HUNDRED FUCKING PERCENT fortnite My fav is fortnite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

In 4 years, nowadays people just build 20 story building Epic games seriously dug a huge ass grave for themselves ­ Who Else Remembers Listening To This Song For Hours On Loop ­ I can just imagine me and my homies making this when we r drunk Exactly bro, the lyrics will always be in our hearts.

Back in the good days when u could chill and enjoy the game when no one did quad edits good times it was Man I miss this, no por dinero como ahora, now you encounter Sweaty tryhards that bathe in their sweat. I tell my brother.

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