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I havent played this game in months. I wish this game stayed the same since season 2 When fortnite was actually playable and ofcourse no sweats I wish we could change back time to the good old days fortnite:Gets 32 kills while eating Me: Plays with full focus(dies at 2 kills) Its weird knowing that all the players that he killed in this match are now so much more ridiculously skilled than us.

PHANTOM ! So happy to see you back Fortnite Killin it Fortnite. DerpBoi568 Aged like my grandmothers ashes SS - 04VN - Fernforest PS (1414) U know right. Yup and I still Know the song and Im older now it sound better Yes ננננ I cant believe this only have 1 million likes even the abc song has more views TGIS needs billions of views to past them So true this music website still goated In this one Sounds like hes crazy.

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