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The nostalgia ‚ Edit: Didnt expect any likes except for like two lol. And would get a win with them. So this is what you call a banger you must have microscopic standards Yeah true becuase i miss that best fortnite :::: yeah, season 7 was almost the peak of fortnite and the numbers of players were actually increasing or the opposite of going downhill, GTA und¬† Among us ‚Ôłliebe Gr√√e sarah Nope I didnt even know this was his most popular Actually it was my recomendatiion and idk how i came to ur comment No one asked for your hate and opinion bro Ahh sorry mate you my friend are not the most liked comment Og fortnite was just too good man, but they let it all to waste by not listening, just stop it, and I am now crying uncontrollably Bro he has to bring that ‚I need a dollar‚ donation sound back, im the last one in the squad.

boogie with hands is fighting It means I dancing with my legs and hands I dont know maybe pop locking I dont know! Neither is anyone else that walks upon this earth, now watching this just makes me feel sad to see what Fortnite has become, sound effects, if you played then you would realise how bad fortnite has gotten.

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