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That would make people use their materials smarter instead of cranking unnecessarily Yeah but this just shows how fortnite was at the beginning and that it was fun for everyone.

Now the Game is Simply Bunch of Kids calling you Dogwater coz they can edit faster Why couldnt fortnite just listen to their community and bring back a forever lasting game mode specifically for ogs Back when everybody sucked ass at this game I would pay like 200 bucks just to get that old map back I am watching this in and that was a good time When fornite was a good and a fun game, I miss old fn too but back then pumps used to sometimes hit for 9 or 7 Literally 99 of people wont see this comment but if you do stay safe and have a great day, and after season 3 chapter 2 it was just all promos, season 2 and 3 felt so good but now its just dead Season 3 and 7 were the best for me when i got season 8 finished i lost all interest and only came back when the star wars event was hapenning I dont play anymore but even if they brang the old mapweapons there is just too much try hards it wouldnt feel the same Best seasons were season 1-7 Naming gta 5 as a example for good updates, and I got one because of all the friends that I have have one, Good days :) Ngl almost cried watching it again damn.

I say. Lmao Nah, now its dead Its far from dead. I want everything back, i enjoy so much, good game, Alv, I still love the game but I prefer its old engine than Unreal Engine 5, be happy that they happened I still remember I learnt all the lyrics to this song, and best thing is its there forever Dont said god decides when the earth ends and I hope it does not end Boroo tuve que traducirlo al espaol probablemente tu al ingles U watched someone play a website gameit wasnt that great Me too.

) Im not trying to fight but, also pretty stupid! :D Im in love with what they did with the heavy.

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