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39 and times it by 100 0! Im just saying that I thought that Myth was a better builder than who they put. Hands down the best Fortnite player who also raps. I cant even knock someone when i try! I feel really sad for some reason now that he barely gets 100k views a website :( Game was more fun with the boys on weekends when we didnt know how to play or what to do Ever since Season 9 I began to lose interest.

People like to mess up beauty for no reason and thats why I keep coming back to these type of website They just went more into the comp. We all hated this map we all did but little did we know this was the best thing in the history of Fortnite The good old days no matter how horrible this game is we all will remember when this game was at the TOP OF ITS GAME This brings back memories š, but Im sure hed get used to it He wouldnt dominate like he does on PC, it was good times manš Fortnite will reach this peek again in the future Wow the old good times when everything was good i miss this so much i wish i can back in time Bro one word āNostalgiaāšš I miss these days so much Here on the last day of, fortnight was the most popular game.

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