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Pinoy Gaming H20 THE DELIRIOUS IS SOOOO AMAZING RyanN 12202 I like fortnite bit better No its not I opened it yesterday for the first time in 6 months and the game is not the good fortnite not the fortnite everyone loved Its a fact ask any person who played fortnite from season 1-4 Ive been playing since S3 and I still love the game I mean fortnite was only good because he didnt use auto tune while rapping, and 7 kills When the commet hit dusty depot I cried ripdustydepot Hahahah you are pretty smart comrade Hold up everybody be quiet not to be picky but is that not hold up be quiet Chez fortnite doesnt sound as bad as he normally does with this speed Chez I agree.

Fabvl 1:11 2. 2:04 he definitely wasnt paying enough attention How did you become so good at fortnite I love how you got 32 kills that was so cool dude And I thought the 14 solo kills I posted on my channel were the shit ­damn fortnite you really are god at this game Take 100 and cry.

You are mega good at fortnite. He straight killed it. A players down can endure anyplace from a couple of moments to up to close to 30 minutes. Hmm it seems Kaguya made a clone.

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