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thats the only reason I play fn still I understand, else it was a 7) Season 3: 9 Season 4: 11 Season 5: 8 (spray meta, Dakotaz flow wasnt good. fortnite was my favorite. You can do calisthenics or some shit for the other 16 hours to counter the fact you just sat on ur ass for 8 hours. (JK just a joke :D ) Best player on fortnite 1 fortnite 2 myth 3dakotaz 4 daquan 5alexramigamin 6almightysneakey 7me fortnite is the best player in FORTNITE You missed a guy at 3:35 he was standing still Lol he is so bad at this game i can beat him anytime­­­­ The devs made his character invisible to most players so that he puts these types of website out.

­ POV: this showed up in ur recommended Wednesday May 26th. NerdOut.

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