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When you think players 10 months ago were good smh Sergi0Vega the console doesnt do much if you consider us PC players can easily land hitfire shots Navid Shabani At least Ill still think faster than you ever will נ Exactly I miss that dont youננננננננננננננננננננננננננננגגננננננננננננננננננננננננננ Navid Shabani just leave me tf alone already Raylanator Minecraft just cause someone a long time ago could aim better than you can now,doesnt mean that the pump is trash Lynn Lynn I pumped a guy for 1 and then 2 and then 18 and then 40 and then 40 and he died after that, u fortnite Season 2: double pump was introduced Season 3: trap tunnels and a bit of pros Season 4: why is everyone into the storyline Season 5: try hard mode was brought to players Season 6: u trash kid learn how to do 90s.

Fortnite used to be good up until chapter two season 5, used to play with my boys everyday. :( Good old days are gone Ah the good memories of the shotgun sniper It funny on how people try to quote the past of a game like chill it is just a game Sonia asitimbay someday a game cna be someones childhood 2:35 back then a grey pump headshot was 220 now a legendary pump is only capable of that.

Arbaaz Patwari nerds ha fortnite players should be bullied for dumb acts 12 would be higher but my teammates always take my kills in squads Soaring Eagle48 12 kills is good נ Bow only people with smart brains can spell. 2:27 That bush doesnt have shadow ננ This is the best rap song ever!ננננננ 2:11 oh shit I didnt realize that was delirious Lmfao 2:31-2:52 נננBESSSST PART!גגגגגג I remember the good times when if you could build a wall you were a god HEEEHHHAAAAWWWW (which is Laugh It Out!) Remember the days where u and your squad all built sat in a hut with millions of trapsנ Im Royal I get it because the song is נ!!!!.

the guns in apex are fucked and is generally not fun.

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