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I barely get 13 fps on my laptop The Gaming Dragon no its because he has high iq on fortnite or outsmart the players by tricking them or distract them Just A Dead Meme If I no lifed fortnite for 3 weeks straight Id be just as good or even better than fortnite at fortnite and anyone could be BEING ADDICTED TO THE GAME MAKES YOU BETTER I mean yeah 20 hrs a day initially for you to become that good but after you can just stream for 8 hrs a day and make a really good income.

Players skydive onto a little island, although i only really played like 6 games per season until like season 4, this map I miss this old fortnite with REAL players. miss them a lot. omg these days­­ Good times bad times you know Ive had my share? LMAO You even Spelled his Name wrong and he Gave You an Heart Anyways True American Hero Tesquin GamingYT i spelled it wrong lol cause of the auto thing that changes when u spell Random Guy and we talk later he said he will be ok ­ and I am not 2:35 the gray pump hit 220.

Cant such a great game turned into what it is now.

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