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Fortnite will before long be delivered on cell phones. I talked with epic game they said old time will not returnes we are just in new time not in old times maybe pls stay with your latest uptade Yep all the bots you play with around with them I think we can all agree that this day cant come soon enough Who do you know me woher kennst du mich lol Lil kid Minecraft literally gets million of views from twitch and website EVERY day ננ Im og (season 2) and I think the game isnt at its peak anymore, but nice try Every kid in an online game does that BTW, I couldnt play because my controller broke so I finally had enough money to buy one I remember when it first loaded up it was the best day of my life, when the tactical shotgun was epic!

T he guy who donated fortnite 100 smh imagine paying someone 100 to watch them play games lmfao Active EJ, and again Im not a kid. I used to play with a group of friends everyday, no skill. i was only 11 back then, im the last one in the squad, you just find it and move on with your day instead of getting so excited over a scar lol Lol I still get so hyped about having a scar.

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