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Nah its honestly fire, wish we could have these times back. Fortnite isnt even a good game anymore people are SO competitive. When the game was fun, the better they got the harder it was to play because everyone kept getting better, fortnite nostalgia hit me harder than puberty.

Alxander Spetz lmao ur losing an argument, thanks, hes still fun to watch Imagine thinking 1 year old season are gOoD OlD DaYs I did because H2O is better than fortnite Ikr back when i was an idiot no skin So good.

The skins in the game after season 4 (and during) look like a little kids drawings. im MEEEEEEERKPLIIEEER You love him to Im a big fan I didnt evan know he was in the song I agree with you Get good or just leave?

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