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Also I remember when people used to ask you based on how many wins you have it was soo annoying due to the fact that I had like 1 win and 3 solo squad wins which was kind of embarrassing at the time. Debbie is probably trash ­ JAx yah but fortnite got most kills in all of fortnite right now We dont consider Fortnite players the console players though My name Lol console way harder to play then pc.

But yea there are ups and downs for every game so stop hating on epic and fortnite! The pump was not just a sniper was a fucking rpg Now its like Ô15 HEADSHOT ARE U OUTTA UR MiiiiiiiiiiiNDÔ When season 3 came out the game got ruined it was so good before it Gabriel Brogdon the pump wasnt a sniper it was what it should be not some piece of shit it is now It was and it was so much better.

220 pump with a COMMON pump i miss the old days ­ 2:34 He gets 32 kills I get 32 damage ::(( Remember breaking cars and hearing that OG sound to get metal Fortnite should have just stayed like this and it would have been better off fortnite eres el puto amo de fortnite!. G2 GRANOP5 your funny moment IS cool Veo este website y vaya que senti el nudo en el pecho de cuando fortnite era todo lo que importaba :(( Its sad to not see the old Fortnite anymore ­­ I miss old fortnite(saudades dessa epoca) Thats my record as well lol, wish they were still here ­ Me even though I didnt start in season 1 2 or 3!

Its ridiculous.

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