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God Bless You my friend Gamermax what did he do that was wrong calm down That kid gamermax deleted his comment now I rlly wanna know what it is someone tell me ­­ Emma Strawberry wait gamranks was here what did they comment pls someone tell Dustii Santiago what did gamer max say I think he deleted him comment If you really want to know i will post a website about it tomorrow because Internet bullying is no ok. Ma you is the best non si pu├ sentire.

­ IHaveYourCookie YouDont either he is or hes really serious Congradulations. I cried when I won my first solo. we even do a countdown at school when s6 came out like we literally screamed the numbers Not the same friends, Just unlocked a vault of these amazing memories!!­ God i remember listening to this so much when it came out Its been almost 4 years and this is still a banger, and when I went to tilted towers I felt like everyone was going there.

I put up a fight but I have to admit I stood no chance.

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