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I remember watching this when I first started playing. נננ 1:51 My favourite was cdnthenerd and nija fortnite!!!!. Dusty divot is my favorite place. I miss the game so much man. ננ Alan Gajewski oh man i swear it need more humans like you on the earth. They had the high ground Carlo Putzolu lmao howd you respond so fast I literally just commented Or maybe they quit fortnite like me Yesterday I played after a millennium this dude hopped in front of me and started building the Roman Empire When you got shot here you would just build a wall, but it will probably be all broken down and shit I agree with graphics but idk bout the map the current map is aight but the colors dont look good Thats exactly why we have rift private servers bro Yea but fortnite aint got it like he used to.

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