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Nightmare Zo mongraal was a sweat bac then he was the only 1 who knew how to edit People where still good then but now if someone is good we call them ÔsweatsÔ Nah people overbuild when you shoot them once instead of fighting back like an actual shooter game Nightmare Zo the only reason why fortnite is such a special shooter game is the fact you can build. i remember landing dustysalty factories with my friends and dying so fast man.

It honestly brings back so much nostalgia ­­ So satisfying watching him play­­ Miss old Fortnite so much and I love seeing these vids of yours in my home page so enjoyable to watch fortnite bro I hope that youre channel never got end you are a bloody legend mate and I love your channel ­ Good old days when the game was fun to play Just seeing the old map brings back so many good memories ­­­ This is when everything you picked up felt so magestic and sounded so satisfying Que saudades desse jogo.

When games focus more on story than the actual game If the game was still like this I wouldnt of switched to rocket league but the reason why it isnt fun is because everyone grew up and moved on ELE NAO PEGOU A ESPINGARDA TATICA EPICA KKKKKKK Back when grey weapons used to spawn in chests :) Uhh im actually 14 bud and please dont judge somones age by their profile pic cause its kinda mean ngl 2:35 fortnite grey pump does the same maximum damage as a current day gold pump Im not sure if that was a solo squad dub.

If you watching this in .

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