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But the best console player is Ali a Berserked Guts Aww cute you took the bait I play pc en console console is harder because its not as smooth as pc and the controls are pretty hard PC is a lot easier to play this game so if console has no skill, just wager me because youre trash The memories boys when we used to remember the lyrics by Heart and sing it at school with ur friends š Who else randomly remembered this and came here Bro Dakotaz sounds like Fe4rless š… 2 years ago : Shooting from a sky base : Shooting from a sky base DIES FROM FALL DAMAGE Looks like somebody is butt hurt lol Arsalan ali u know its him with that laugh My friend would rap that line every day Ayden Gaumer yeah but now its better Ayden Gaumer no because its still dusty now is dusty divot Dusty means divot too.

I like how bad everyone is in fortnite back them Back in the days when no used to build. Actualmente ya no se puede hacer solo vs Squad, is one, hits me like the old times I remember viking to this song with my friends at school š good times The times when we were all happy. Is it just me or are these website so good Even though fortnite doesnt play that much anymore hes still better than all the justins destroying this game rn Fortnite is such a great motivation for me on my own fortnite journey,I am glad I was inspired by this man theres no way hes not doing drugs Aye bruh the game needs to add a new character skin ācrack fortniteā.

Li sa I know and goof for them for keeping up with the skill gap and not getting bored and sick of the game Definitelyabot I can tell u aintš The weopen design, he is a pro at website games not fortnite, NBA2k Park, I dont know what you mean. Really starting to hit me how much fun this game was to me fortnite before was really energetic back then on fortnite, i was like what have they done to this beautiful game ,never played it again since then People get better at games stop crying Ay aint our fault that everyone sweat on the game now a days Fortnite is still awesome to me guys.

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