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But now he looks like a clown, it would have been over, fanboy I think you are better than the creators of fortnite I wasnt playing fortnite at the time but u wish I had:( Me: sees this See You Again - Charlie Puth Bro fortnite why did you not take the car in tilted Tomorrow is gonna be two years.

so sad :( The game got destroyed by peolple like mongraal who are just idiots who like making a game bad for other ones. Tjey removed them and added blue pump and grey tac Hope Newman I started playing when Skull Trooper was in the store.

I sometimes wish we could return to the good ol days. Aricketts108 oh no I agree this map sucks and the game is just to modern and futuristic now C Misty agreed, idk wtf they be doing with the game now Im not talking about the downfall statistically, if anything it would make people not like him, you have a superhero skin in your profile These were the days when fortnite was actually good Yea I used to play season 5-7 before i got banned but know i can play but there were good times back then Yeah now when I shoot at someone they make a skyscraper with a pool when before they just made a ramp and thats basically it HEY fortnite!!, kids and adults.

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