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This was actually the very first website i saw of fortnite and fell in love with it starting season 3. good song tho ­­ fortnite, i hided there many times, the point of OP was that fortnite is incredibly humble. You was behind him the whole time. We need a more updated version of this Like if u agree My favorite was dark and fabvl there was pretty cool The boys at my school are singing this for the talent show ­ Who listens to this song remembering good times Because its and everyone is a sweat 3:40 toxic fortnite came out lol.

No one talking bout how this was 2 YEARS AGO Dude a used console is like 200 bucks lol Who likes to read comments while watching LIKE. Fabvl has the best sound but fortnite for the best rap When fortnite was actually fun to play­ 1!

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