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Please go back to your preschool class. Bro I was in 7th grade when I started playing this now Ill be a senior in 8 months i know bro ive played the season1-2 map too but s3 map is more legendary imo, now that we all make fun of Fortnite its not the same without Fortnite cause that was our biggest enjoyment, the human hand cannot make precise enough movements on such small a range of motion, DAKOTAZ,CDNThe3rd, the graphics were so much better and cooler original skins battlepasses cool 0 collabs 0 sweats 0 tryhards everyone was bad it was fun look at this game now, and when u saw other people looting the whole house without comming and shoot u with the first gun.

fortnite verse Tupacs and Biggies whole career I just came back because it was cringey Nija my favorrate pls a Virsion 2 for Nija I remember this song was like the best 4 years later i just realized how sick Ceezs part actually is B̸̅-E̸-̨̠S̸T̅ M̸-U̸-S̅I̅C͠-- This is the greatest song of all time Fortnite all night battle royale or night I remember when people used to play this for fun with friends, we all wanna go back to these times.

Please please please keep playing with SypherPK. Like the other guy said, rock etc.

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