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hes the best builder My favorite was the sniper cuz l am one of them I havent listened for so long but know all the words I miss oj fortnite. then your right. Oh look theres a scar with a bandage 1! Learn how to spell some words then hate on fortnite Thats a good thing, I remember back in (I was 11 at the time now Im 14) I used to come home from school so hyped to play fortnite (I ride my bike from and to school) and watching bcc gaming while going number 2 on the toilet good times It happens with everyone The game was 2 years ago how old are you that isnt nostalgia Im 14 when I was 11 I started playing with my friends.

Streamers rarely get actual donations higher than like 5 Reclips Gaming damn yall are so ungratefull damn just a 100 Koan yule did you not see my full comment. u were the best of all teh times U took down about 8 teams, I come here to cry. Dakotaz 3.

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