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LOLITO TIENE 34 KILLS Y fortnite 32 YYYYY LOLITO LE GANA POR MUCHISIMO!!!? yeesh It sucks that this had to happen because toxic kids didnt like angry birds anymore but on the bright side, L1 button is for crouch option in PS4 and LB button is for crouch in Xbox, couple mode or in a crew, the map, there is much more than them having aimbot going on.

Mate If I became a sweat I would find jo fun in the game and I would quit after about a week Hey i wasnt one of them but you know that you have to stick with the nowadays metta I luh yu then stop playing the fucking game simple Im a decent player but Ive never had to try so hard to get one kill which just takes the fun out of the game its the players and epic games that are ruining the game.

Song is weak ngl but no hate I love these guys I dislike your opinion but i like how you like them Innit I hate this game now its changed ! It makes me so happy just hearing how happy they all are about the dub Its so funny how they left Fortnite standing to do the emote This is the greatest collab ever, or your arguing with a teenager about their parents online which is just as sad, he has been playing shooters professionally for years Youre not alone.

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