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P Old fortnite When he used to play solo squads Nagging Doubt wow very funny haHAA xD LOL LMAO ROFL Every single time fortnite streams he gets like over 10 super dope hilights You get 10 kills in 4 minutes and I get in 30 minutes ,1 kill 16:49 anyone notice him try dodge the snipe irl Anyone from - watching this just for the memorys Bro you was the only one who I watch his fortnite website in the past.

I remember these live stream like it was yesterday 1:55 haha his items are all valued with the exception of the boogie bomb Gray pumps, we were in the same 1X1!, but then they decided to make the game blow up more, or so called bars Do you think you can do better than him LOL I love your vids like the doom rap and halo rap You so cool you got a like from the best people in the world Tissy ro tissure bre fine b tissol kin pee king cheer It doesnt feel like the same game anymore Not gonna lie man I almost cried I mean this was the best game ever I loved playing this in chapter 1 this was the perfect game It rlly doesnt every1 sweats the whole time thats y people left the game Is because youre not young like the old days Old school Fortnite was just so fucking good.

No joke thats what I was thinking I think that is why he is so good, imo. Pump had x2. Most people dont know PUBG is because fortnite and battle field but most 0f it is fortnite Fortnite is easier cuz if someone shoots you just built up yourself.

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