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Actually,the game lost its attractive when people just build and barely use weapons Thats the point of the game lmao would it be better if they took out building and just made a cartoon version of cod I swear ppl are never satisfied Its still in its prime.

No one cares Yo si entiendo porque los mexicanos nunca saben ingles BYBLASPRO10_YT suuuu otro q habla espaol BYBLASPRO10_YT yo se ingles y espaol gg :v Yo si entiendo ingles vivo en ee. I remember me and my friends used to do nothing but play Fortnite and it was the big supporter of our friendships, wow never thought that so many people miss the old sounds and gameplay :() Back when grey pumps did the same damage as gold pumps now Theres lots of players still playing but for me the game is not as fun as it used to be.

IDontKnow uh of course this is aimed towards kids lol HighOffMota hey you are what you eat Such a cringe argument wtf is wrong with you guys Finally, LACHLAN! This reminds me to fn again. Im just showing fortnite some love.

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