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The sound effects felt better before as if I could hear each single one simultaneously, and the way is eliminate turbo build, fun dude who managed to always come out on top, You will always be in our hearts I just came here to remember the good old times and imagine that Im still in season 3 or something Its November and I want the OG Fortnite feeling back I remember this time before everybody didnt play competitive I dont know why this website makes me nostalgic When fortnite was still fun, that would mean that you listened to this song for more that 100 days and this came out 2 days ago Tristen games thanks Powell always need someone to correct my spelling.

:) (I tried to actually supply a counter point then just being like ur retarded looool) Most of the comments: I miss old fortnite I wish they can bring this back Back then when no one use to build Good old days When fortnite got me the chills if you know what i mean I love u fortnite keep up the good work When fortnite was a fun game­­ i miss this fortnite and this community 2:35 - 2:36 that 220 headshot with a GREY pump ­ Now u need a gold pump to 220 But mine hits for 30­ Everyone coming back to watch the best website on website I need old fortnite playing old fortnite website uploaded now :o I wanna get 32 kills like papa fortnite.

This guy eats bullets and has time to react. 6 days. he still wins but its more entertaining Bro 220 ti the head with a grey pump Haters will say its all RPG fans will say its all RPG Dammmmmmn. Like people really think that fortnite wouldve been good if it stayed the same, the game started to get ruined in season 4!

If I ever got the chance I would definitely go back to these seasons Dude this is a banger I remember hearing this everyday with my cousin Only the real gamers know this song by heart Bro i remember coming back from school the day this came out and listening to it 247 Im back after 3 years.

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